Saturday, September 22, 2012

JMT Fun Facts

Below are a few (fun) facts from my John Muir Trail thru-hike. I found it fun and therapeutic to keep track of these things at night.

*Nerd Alert* Prior to getting on the trail, I created an excel spreadsheet of the things I wanted to keep track of, printed it out, and stapled it to my JMT Atlas.

Ok, here goes...

Total Miles Hiked:                                                232

Total # of Days Hiked:                                         16

# of Days Off:                                                       0

Shortest Day:                                                        4.3 miles

Longest Day:                                                       19.4 miles

# of Times I Used A Toilet On Trail:                    3

Consecutive Days Without a Shower:                 4

Lake/River Showers:                                           7

Consecutive Days Without Laundry:                  3

Lake/River Laundry:                                           5

Days Hiked Solo:                                                11

Nights Camped Solo:                                          7

Got Lost/Took Wrong Turn:                               Once (Day 5)

Rainy Days/Nights:                                            6

Blisters/Hot Spots:                                             3

# of Times I lost My Temper:                             Once (Day 12)

Items Lost On Trail:                                           1 (Sunglasses on Day 8)

Damaged Gear:                                                 1 (Camera that got wet, developed black spot in lens)

Weight Lost During Hike:                                  0 Lbs. (That's right, I didn't lose ANY weight!)


  1. just wanted to say hello! it sounds like an awesome trip! thanks for putting your stuff out there.