Welcome to all things JMT!

Here you will find:

          information about the John Muir Trail
          my 16 day hiking itinerary
          my JMT gear list
          and videos

I've also categorized my blog posts in three sections - Prep, On Trail, and Post Hike.

Enjoy :)

And So It Begins
What A Difference A Year Makes
The Bear Can Dilemma 
So...Why Journal?
Culinary Experiments
John Muir Trail Food: Part Deux
Bearth-Day Weekend
PCT Kickoff Recap
Three Months To Go
JMT Wind Storm Update
Memorial Day Weekend Shakedown Hike
Ursack Update
Staying In The Moment
Birthday Backpack Trip
Swimming On The John Muir Trail
JMT Resupply & Itinerary
John Muir Trail Resupply
JMT Food, Food, Food - Part 1 - Breakfast & Lunch
JMT Food, Food, Food - Part 2 - Dinner & Cooking
Thru-Hiker Lingo

**I didn't talk much about gear during my prep posts because I had my gear dialed in and ready to go. You can find more about my JMT gear here & my gear reviews here.

Side note - since hiking the JMT in 2012, my gear has changed slightly. Click here for my up to date gear list. 

On Trail:
Day 1: Up, Up, Up
Day 3: Bye, Bye Fam Bam
Day 4: Toulumne, Lyell Canyon And A BIG Scare
Day 5: Expanding My Comfort Zones
Day 6: Devil's Postpile & Old Friends
Day 7: Adapt Or Get Wet
Day 8: Half Way!
Day 9: Spa Day At Muir Trail Ranch
Day 10: Evolution Valley
Day 11: Evolution Basin, Blisters And A Bear
Day 12: Sore Feet, Sore Body, Great Spirits
Day 13: Perfect Day On The Trail
Day 14: One Foot In Front Of The Other
Day 15: These Legs Were Built For Walking
Day 16: Mt. Whitney

Post Hike: 
JMT Fun Facts
John Muir Trail Gear Review
John Muir Trail Afterthoughts
2013 Update


  1. Dear Andy,

    My name is Tatsuya. I am a translator and a hiker myself, living in Tokyo Japan. I am preparing a website that gives worldwide trail information to Japanese hikers and wondered if it's OK to translate your article about John Muir Trail into Japanese and post it on my website. Your article is very exciting and full of practical information too. If you allow me to do that, I'd really appreciate it. And of course I add your name and website link to the translated articles.

    Best regards,


    1. Hi Tatsuya, thanks for your message. Yes, please translate my page and share it. Please also check out and share www.andyandlaurie.com

      We are hiking the Pacific Crest Trail next year and are posting our training hikes and soon our planning and strategy.