Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 7: Adapt Or Get Wet

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Deer Creek (mile 72.7) to 1 mile north of Squaw Lake (mile 86.8).

Today's miles: 14.1
Trip miles: 86.8

Oh, what a day this has been.

I set my intention last night to take a dip in Lake Virginia today - 9.9 miles down the trail from camp. I woke up at 5 am and was on the trail at 6:30 under blue skies but chilly temps. This was the coldest morning of the trip so far. I wore my down jacket til I started moving.

Yesterday and this morning, I hiked through stretches of trail that were heavily affected by the wind storm that hit the High Sierras last November. To every trail crew member involved in the clean up efforts of the trails - THANK YOU for your hard work. You guys rock!

Even while hiking through the wind affected areas, the miles came easy this morning with the crisp, fresh air and spectacular views.

Richie & Abbie on a great stretch of trail between Purple Lake and Virginia Lake
The clouds gathered around 10 am but they were behaving themselves, for the time being.

I arrived at beautiful Lake Virginia at 11 am, stripped down to my undies, and gingerly made my way into the frigid water. Once I was about thigh deep, I dipped into the water a few times, cleaned myself off, and headed for shore.

Beautiful Lake Virginia
Water. So. Cold.
It was very refreshing and am glad I did it.

After doing laundry, I made my way over to another part of tbe lake where Jeff, Jake, Tyler and Colin were hanging out - guys I met at camp the night before.

After chatting them up for a bit, I made my way back to my gear, packed up my belongings and got moving again. It was now 1:25 pm.

The moment I got going, it started sprinkling. A few minutes down the trail, it started raining. And ten minutes after that, lightning struck - so bright it could light up a town; which was followed by vicious thunder so powerful it could be felt in your heart.

When I caught up to them, John, Jeff, Tyler and Colin had hunkered down under tree cover for about an hour, waiting out the storm. I chose to join them as I did not want to hike with lightning striking in the direction I was headed. In the meantime, Tyler showed me how to spot wild onions. I tasted it of course and it was delicious!

Afterward, Jake and I discussed mileage for the next day. In doing so, I realized I had made a mistake in my calculations. Instead of a 15.8 mile day tomorrow, I have to cover 18.4 miles. Yikes. Just a slight miscalculation on my part :) Not stressing over it though because it's gotta get done & that's that.

The storm was here to stay for the time being so when the lightning and thunder subsided and the rain eased, we decided to put in a few more miles, before setting up camp below treeline.

Tyler and I near Tully Hole junction
We made camp 1 mile shy of Squaw Lake, and built a fire. Well, truth be told, the Reno boys (side note: Colin's from Modesto, CA...minor details) got the fire going and I just maintained it as they set up their tents. We never did get to enjoy the fire because it started raining again around 7 pm.

I had already eaten dinner so I could sleep early, and avoided having to eat in the rain. A few of the boys weren't as lucky.

Since we camped one mile shy of our destination, I now have to cover 19.4 miles tomorrow.

I've decided to wake up at 4 am tomorrow and be on the trail by 5 am for two reasons. First, if it does rain again tomorrow, I'm hoping to cover many of the miles by mid afternoon, and second, still be able to walk the way I do - going slowly, taking pictures, chatting up passing hikers and enjoying myself and my time out in the woods.

Speaking of enjoying myself, I really enjoyed today. Even though it was a wet day, I stayed completely dry because I wore my rain jacket and pants early.

Out here, it's adapt or get wet :)
“Going to the mountains is going home.” ~John Muir

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