Tuesday, July 10, 2012

JMT Resupply & Itinerary

Less than 30 days to go!!!

I'm almost done making all 16 of my dinners, my lunches are almost complete, and soon I will be preparing and packaging my breakfasts. 

By next week, this will all be done - at which time I will publish one or two posts (with many pictures of course) about the foods I will be eating on the trail. 

For now, please check out my updated itinerary and food plan below. I've broken it down into 3 segments. 

Segment 1 is from Happy Isles in Yosemite National Park to the Tuolumne Meadows Post Office (also located within Yosemite National Park) - where my first resupply package will be waiting for me. 

Segment 2 is from the Post Office to my arrival at Muir Trail Ranch.

And Finally, Segment 3 includes my stay at the Ranch and the final stretch of the trail - culminating at the summit of Mt. Whitney and the not-so-kind-on-the-knees 11 mile ramble down to Whitney Portal.

One more thing - many details are not finalized yet - including how many nights I will stay at the Ranch, when I will ship my resupplies, the type of camera I will purchase and use on the trail, which battery pack will keep my electronic devices charged, and a few other details. 

I'm not stressing out over any of this as I have it all written down and refer to it whenever I have some free time. It's all coming together really well. What's more important is how calm I am throughout this entire process. 


  1. Wow!! This is awesome Andy, Not only are you super organized and doing yourself an incredible service with all this preparation -but by sharing it this way you are helping others! Love that. Love you :)

  2. nice breakdown. You hiked fast!

    1. Thanks Arty.

      My mileage was a bit off here. Check out my updated itinerary here for correct mileage. http://yogihiker.blogspot.com/p/intinerary.html