Friday, July 27, 2012

JMT Food, Food, Food - Part 1 - Breakfast & Lunch

What do most hikers think about more than anything else on the trail? Food of course!

In this post, I'd like to discuss my strategy for breakfast and lunch/snacks. (For my dinner plans, please see part two.)

For breakfast, I love eating Nature's Path cereals. I can eat them every day and not grow tired of them. The FlaxPlus Granola and Ancient Grains Granola are both very delicious. To make them even tastier, more flavorful, and more calorically dense, I add two tablespoons of my custom nut mix (email me for more info if interested), a nut butter, and sea salt.

As for lunch, while on the trail my body prefers smaller snacks every hour or so instead of larger meals; therefore bars are my preferred foods during the day.

backpacking snack foods
Larabars, Probars, Raw Revolution bars, Amazing Grass bars, Rise bars and Pure Organics bars are minimally processed, super tasty and provide me with plenty of calories and variety. Getting bored of these foods should not be an issue as I planned my meals in a specific rotation to avoid eating identical bars two days in a row.

Continue to part two where I discuss my home-made dinners & my strategy for on trail cooking.

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