Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ursack Update

Unless a miracle occurs, we will not be able to use any Ursack products in areas that require bear canisters this year.

Ursack S29
The agency that will test the Ursack doesn't have a protocol in place yet. And even if it did and the Ursack passed, it's no guarantee that Yosemite National Park or other agencies would automatically allow the use of Ursacks. 

but there's always a bright side. 

Yes they're heavier & bulkier, but bear canisters require less effort to store at night after a long days hike, make great seats and ... ok that's all I got. 

Oh ya - here's something - it's one less item I don't have to shell out more $$ for before my hike :) 

Resupply buckets at Muir Trail Ranch

I can use the savings to cover shipping and storage costs of my resupply packages (which will cost about $150). YIKES!! 

I plan to resupply 3 times to keep my pack weight down, but I'm rethinking this after having done the calculations yesterday...ah planning.

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