Monday, June 18, 2012

Birthday Backpack Trip

There's no other way I'd prefer to celebrate my birthday than to wake up in a tent, in the middle of the woods, next to friends whose company I thoroughly enjoy!

I was very fortunate to do just that over the weekend to celebrate my 29th birthday. 

We trekked to West Fork Campground in the Angeles National Forest and were greeted by blue skies, warm temperatures, wildflowers, flowing rivers and mozzies. 

Eric & Joy eastbound on the Gabrielino National Recreation Trail

beautiful flowers
West Fork San Gabriel River provided great views and cold, tasty water 

picturesque West Fork Campground

LOVE making a fire!
For dinner, my awesome friends prepared wheat berry salad, and grilled veggies which we ate with rice and peanut sauce. So good! Thanks Joy

They even hauled in a cake & candles for me to celebrate my b-day properly! I know, I'm blessed with great friends!!

My awesome birthday cake
Around 10:30 P.M., we called it a night and crawled into our tents, falling asleep to the symphony of frogs and other wildlife.

It was so warm I didn't get to test out my new down socks. Guess I have to plan another backpacking trip :))

The next morning, we lounged about, made another fire, took tons of photos, and enjoyed an awesome breakfast of potato potpourri & fake bacon (we don't eat meat). Thanks Eric! 

Many thanks to Eric for sawing wood and sustaining our fires! 

left to right: Eric, Joy, me
It was noon by the time we finally left camp.

We had to hike back up to the trailhead 5.5 miles and 2000 ft away. Did I mention we had to go UP? 

In hindsight we should have gotten a much earlier start as the temperature hovered around 80 - 85 degrees during our climb out of the canyon.

 resting in the shade
beautiful shady stretch of trail
We made it to our car in 3 hours, grateful to be done with it.

We capped our trip with a delicious meal at La Cabanita Mexican Restaurant in Montrose

I can't thank my friends Eric & Joy enough for making my birthday so memorable and wonder-full.

Thanks guys, you rock!

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