Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thru-Hiker Lingo

Before I publish any journal entries, I thought I'd create this short write up explaining some of the lingo you may come across as you read my journal. Here goes:

  • Thru-hiker/Thru-er: someone who is hiking the entire length of a long distance trail 
  • SoBo: Southbound thru-hiker
  • NoBo: Northbound thru-hiker
  • Hiker-midnight: 9:00 P.M. - the time most hikers hit the sack
  • Cairn: A man made pile of rocks identifying a trail
  • Cowboy camping: Sleeping under the stars (no tent)
  • Blaze: Trail navigation marker carved (as is the case on the JMT) on trees
  • Ultralight: Referring to the pack weight of a hiker; someone who uses the lightest weight equipment
  • Trail legs: Most thru-ers get in hiking shape as they walk and build their endurance in the process
  • Vitamin I: Ibuprofen 
  • Dry Camp: A waterless camping spot 
  • HYOH: Hike your own hike 
  • A Zero: A day off from the trail.
  • A Nero: A Near Zero - a shortened hiking day in which a hiker covers significantly less miles than usual. 
  • JMT: John Muir Trail
  • PCT: Pacific Crest Trail
  • AT: Appalachian Trail

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